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Spiritual Growth

Take the Universe as a huge Soul.
When you allow your soul to tap with this immense energy, nothing is impossible!



The waiting lists for 1 on 1 and Small Groups held In-Person is closed!
Note: I
f you have been on the waiting lists before the pandemic fill the form below and we will schedule something!

1 on 1

(1 person at a time)

1 hour session


Small Group

1 hour session with everyone together.
For families who wish to communicate with the same spirits.

If you are friends, keep in mind the session is only 1 hour.

2 people $200.00

3 people $250.00

4 people $300.00

Big Group

Scheduled on Friday's Only (no weekends available).
Held in your home.
Duration: 2 to 3 hours.


  • up to 20 people maximum.

  • Flat fee of $1200 hst included/cash only.

You may keep this group more intimate as well:

Further out such as Renfrew, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Alexandria, etc.

  • up to 20 people maximum.

  • Flat fee of $1500 hst included/cash only.

During this session, I will communicate with your departed loved ones in front of everyone. Family & Friends may join.

The duration of this session is 2 hours.
There are no guarantees that everyone will receive a message.

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Prices subject to change without notice.

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