When I was a child, had someone told me one of my biggest missions would be to help the world with my abilities, hands down I would have pleaded with this person ‘not’ to let this happen!  The fear for being mocked and ridiculed was beyond strong.

  I was filled with innocence and I was pure as all children are.  Between 4 to 7 years of age, I believed everyone saw, heard and felt like I did. Being awakened in my sleep, knowing I was not alone, only to be startled by seeing an old man peering down at me.

  I don't remember the following but it is a story my mother told me many times that on a few occasions while on a family trip, my parents were lost and to their surprise I told them that they missed the turn and they should turn around. They were shocked to notice I was correct. Incidents like these became quite commonplace throughout my childhood, and as I got older it was evident I was different.

  I always saw the Earthbound Spirits.  They have unfinished business with the living and I could see them physically in front of me. Many times with extreme details while other times, I saw through them but I knew they were there. It felt like Halloween every day.


A particular childhood

 I remember seeing a woman in one of my classrooms.  To my eyes there were two adult women: my teacher and another unknown woman.  I must have been 6 or 7 years old when I asked my teacher who was “The other lady at the front with her”.  There was complete silence in the classroom.  “No one else is at the front with me, Marc!”  Confused, because the unknown woman was clearly right beside her with short dark hair, a red and black dress!  So I described the woman to the teacher and that’s when the teacher asked me to stop because it was scaring her and the rest of the kids. 

  So I stopped and tried to desperately ignore the woman and eventually with time, the unknown woman left.  She appeared in the classroom several times throughout the year but none of these times except the first did I tell anyone else about it.    
After receiving many confirmations that I was truly alone being like this, I began feeling very anxious, nervous and I was simply afraid!  
  I was 8 years old when my parents decided to move back to their hometown of Embrun!  I was very thankful for that because changing schools allowed me to start fresh!  My parents are awesome, although I didn’t really talk to them about it all, even as a child.  Maybe I felt it would be best to keep it to myself but they weren’t stupid and they could see that things were off with me at times and to their credit they would ask me if everything was all right, I would just brush it off and tell them I am okay! 
  Right around that time, to my surprise, my prayers were answered. Between 8 and 10 years of age I didn’t see or hear any spirits!  It was truly a blessing in the sky because I was able to start fresh in a new school, normal like everyone at the school.  Looking back to these years, it is making me think that the spiritual world simply allowed me to breathe and letting me be a kid!

An intolerable burden


  But it didn’t last for long, at around 10 years old, it all came back but this time it was worse!  As if that wasn’t enough, around 7 years old, I knew that I had an attraction to boys in my classroom but I thought it was only a phase or at least that was what I was hoping for.

  I didn’t understand what the word “Burden” meant at the time but let just say there was something quite heavy on my shoulders!  I felt like an outcast for seeing and hearing things no one else could and I was extremely ashamed that I was attracted to boys instead of girls.  All these feelings prompted me to keep it all to myself and I swear at times I thought people could see it in my face.  But as I got older I managed to try and keep a straight face so that no one would know about it.  By keeping all of that a secret, it would allow me to be normal or at least to appear like I was similar to everyone else.

  As the years went by I became more withdrawn from the world, disconnected from other kids at school, and became simply a loner!  My world was barely an existence for not having my true voice but at the time I didn’t see it that way.  If I had anything in common with other kids at school it was the fact that I was young and I didn’t know what my world was about. All I knew is that I had my family and I had to go to school like everyone else. 

  I didn’t know what the word “identity” meant.  Looking back, I wish there was a course in elementary school that would teach us on how to be human!  Teaching us that being different isn’t an issue and not to hide ourselves.  As time went on, I was more on edge and I began having nervous twitches!  After a few years, I realized what they meant.  If I blinked my eyes constantly, it meant that I tried to make them disappear and if I shook my head left to right really fast, it meant I didn’t want to hear them! 
  Now don’t get me wrong, apart from all of this, I still believe to this day that I had a wonderful childhood especially when comparing to what other kids around the world went through, some were abused, abandoned and even killed.  So keeping that in consideration my childhood was great!  I was surrounded by a warm loving family, I laughed and I had fun.  I just didn’t know who I was and why things would happen the way they did. 

Teenage years


  I went through a severe depression around the age of 16 that almost cost me my life. I didn't want to live as I didn't see any possible way on how a person like me, a clairvoyant who saw people's lives in front of me in a flash or as a medium that's able to communicate with two spiritual dimensions (Earthbound & Crossed Over) which took me awhile to figure it all out, or being tormented emotionally for knowing I was gay.

  Although today, I will say: “No reasons are great enough reasons to take your life as you are worth much more.” But I didn't see it that way. I had 6 brutal attempts yet I am still here. The last attempt they didn't think I would make it.  Then suddenly something hit me. Why die before having the chance to try? Either people will love me, or hate me, either way I am going for it. It's like something inside of me snapped.  Although I did get the help from my wonderful family, without them I wouldn't be here and I also must thank my angels because they helped me realize who I was and what I am meant to be.

  After this ordeal, I needed to find ways to regain my confidence and self esteem. That's when I decided to join a modeling agency in Ottawa. I didn't do this for career purpose; I just needed to regain my smile.  Few months after signing on with the modeling agency, I was sent to Toronto for an international modeling and acting competition. I bought my very first plane ticket, packed my bags and went on my own. This trip was to simply regain my smile. I am a firm believer that our universe listens to us only if you know what you are asking for. When the plane took off, I giggled inside of me, so excited that for once in my life, I felt like the true me.

  The series of competitions went on and I had lots of fun. Then at the end of the week there were the award nights. Competing against 600 guys, I came in 2nd place for the most beautiful smile in Canada. I was in shock. In the beginning of this trip, I was only going there to regain my smile and now I have the award to prove it.

  Keeping level headed and grounded, I flew back home anxious to show it off to my family. I had regained the level of confidence I needed to sustain the rest of my journey, one that's filled with many uncertainties except I choose to believe it will go well as long as I am in control and loving what I do.  Therefore, instead of fighting off my abilities, I allowed them into my life but on one condition: I didn't want to predict death. I needed my abilities to block this part since if I am meant to share it with everyone for the ones who choose to listen then I rather concentrate on the goods. I know it can't always be good since this wouldn't be our reality but there are ways to see the positive in each moment.

  My 12th grade of high school brought me confidence and self assurance to regain the happiness and strength I had lost. It was time for my voice to be heard, longing to share my gift with all those who wished to hear. In my heart and soul, I believed if I gave my all, respectfully, without hiding who I truly was, then I would receive the same respect back. 


No shame

  I went to my high school in Embrun, a small town East of Ottawa.  It grew big since then but at the time, if you began a rumor, it didn’t take very long before everyone in Embrun heard about it.  So taking that in consideration, I felt like I needed to share my experiences with others so hopefully it would help someone else! One night I wrote a speech and it didn’t take long before I poured my heart and soul on paper.  The next morning when I arrived at school, I handed in my letter my teacher. Once she read it I said “I am going to read this letter in front of the whole classroom!”  She was stunned and asked me three times if I was certain, “Someone’s life might depend on it, yes!”
  I grabbed my desk since I was more comfortable sitting down and I told everyone in the classroom I was GAY.  I revealed the reason why they didn’t see me much in the 11th grade which was the year before.  I was mostly at the hospital.  I explained about my suicidal attempts in detail and especially the last one when I was basically dying in my uncle’s arms!  Some in the class cried and you could hear a pin drop, as everyone was listening and hearing me!
  I urged everyone to get out of their shells like I did and accept people for who they are.  
Once my speech was over people cheered!  Suddenly I gained people’s respect and even from those I never thought would!  In the speech, I decided to leave out my abilities only because that would be going too far!  Not everyone needs to know that part since they won’t be able to relate, but my sexual orientation, that was a must and I am really happy I did.

  I met my teacher few years later, the one who read and heard my speech and she revealed that each new school year she shares that moment with her new students and almost every year, someone comes out.  I gained respect and friendship from lots but I also lost the friends I had who I thought were real friends.  One in particular even slammed the door on me after going to his house!   




 When I reached 17 years of age, a new schedule was created; I came home from school, did my homework, ate dinner then proceeded to give private readings to the ones interested in hearing what I had to say. Normally all readings started around 6pm. Then I would do more homework after these sessions.  For the next year and a half, I got more calls from people interested in having a reading. I was known as "Go see this kid, he's amazing".  People saw it in my eyes, the glow with everyone I connected with and I enjoyed every moment. I always say it like how it should be as well and the accuracy is what I am known for because I dig deep into the situations and the connection I have with people.

New schedule


Door to door

  Within a year and a half, I had graduated from high school and I read countless readings to people but I decided to explore more so I packed my bags and moved to Toronto. I worked regular odd jobs to pay the rent and bills. I didn't go there using my abilities. I needed a break and live life. I worked as a part time model and actor while in Toronto as well and enjoyed every moment of it.

  After living in Toronto for almost 4 years, I decided to move back home. Stayed at my parents and did the odd jobs but it didn't feel right so I went back to my sessions.  I printed 400 yellow flyers and went door to door in my home town.  I remember this as it was yesterday and it was raining and I kept telling to myself, I hope it works!  At the time, there was no Facebook and I didn’t have a website so I had to go the old fashion route.  To be honest, I tried avoiding any confrontation so if anyone was at the house I wouldn’t knock or ring the doorbell, I would simply put the flyer in their mailbox and ran to the next house. 

  If anyone opened the door while delivering the flyers I would tell them to go see my friend, he was excellent!  The flyer was simple.  It was a bright yellow and all I had written on it was “Psychic Medium, Marc, along with the telephone number.”  I had faith that my flyer would reach out to the people who would benefit from my abilities and when someone would call being interested in the reading, I wouldn’t schedule them right away but rather I would give them a date a week later or more because I wanted them to know I was truly busy but in reality I could have scheduled them the same day of their phone call.  It’s a marketing strategy I learned on my own that is if I knew the person was busy, I would be more interested in trying it out so that’s what I did.
  So there it is, all I had to do was deliver those flyers and when a person called, I would schedule them and read them like it was my last reading. Then the word of mouth did the rest, like the ‘Talk Five’ when one person talks to five people and these five people talks to their five and so on.


The big break!

  After a couple of years of doing my own thing I started to get really known as the word of mouth was truly powerful.  As each day went by, it was more of a confirmation that I was meant to be.  People responded to my abilities by the minute.  That’s when one day I was invited to appear on Centre Stage at the National Women’s Show.  It was intense to tell you the truth because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  On my way, I kept hearing my guide tell me to “Brace myself” yet my own brain thought maybe 20 or 30 people would show up but I guess I was aiming low! 
  It was with women and there were over 500 booths with individual businesses selling what they had to sell.  I walked through the crowd from the many aisle and directed myself to the Centre Stage.  I was greeted by Carrie Wilson.  She brought me back stage and we kept chatting.  As we were doing that, I kept hearing a ton of people which seemed to be a lot more than 30 people.  So I decided to peak through the curtains and to my surprise there was a sea of people.  I heard my name on the intercom inviting everyone to the main stage as I was going to be on in 5 minutes!  I was shaking inside and that’s when Carrie asked me if I have done this before and I gave her a big smile and responded “No, not of this magnitude!” I then asked her to give me two minutes to myself.

  When I was called on to the stage, it was overwhelming.  All eyes were on me and I had to show them who I was.  I gave them a quick introduction of myself and I went straight into communicating with the spirits that were already on stage with me.  Each time I finished transmitting a message to someone in the audience, the crowd would cheer and clap.  Next thing you knew after thirty minutes or so my time was up, then the crowed booed.  They had no choice but to keep me on for another fifteen minutes.  Once my time was truly up I got off stage feeling inspired that I have received this confirmation I was able to do what I do best in front of a large audience.  After this appearance?  It was flood gates, requests after requests filling up my waiting list like I couldn’t have imagined.  After countless television and radio interviews, as well as appearing on the cover of a magazine twice, I was then known as “Ottawa’s Ghost Whisperer”.


In the now!

Since 2008, I have been recognized as a celebrity guest on Centre Stage with the National Women’s Show.  I have been on their main stage over 40 times to date.  I’ve hosted many of my own major public events in countless places across Canada.    

  It's evident I cannot please everyone.  And as controversial my abilities may be for some, I keep on going as sometimes the unknown normally brings out the judgement in people and I find it unfair but that's life. 

It is impossible to control everyone's opinion and that's why I choose to concentrate on the good I do to people.
Here's a powerful quote I live by
"How someone thinks of me is none of my business!"

     I work hard like everyone else and I love the people whether they are on my boat or not. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my family, my friends for the love, the support, and the cheers and to everyone whom I met so far in this incredible journey.

Marc Jade

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