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Iam marc jade

I am here to inspire the world, all human races, the poor, the middle, the rich, the blind, the deaf, the gays, and the straight, everyone! I was sent from the other side to guide everyone and teach them that there is more to life than they believe. If our World is becoming fragile then we must all admit to ourselves that we are also fragile and we all need to hold on to something to keep us going!

As a clairvoyant and medium, it's true I can guide people through their life purpose and give them closure by communicating with their lost loved ones but to achieve my main mission, I must go deeper than that.

It is like I was born with many books already registered in my soul “not my mind” since many things I will transmit may not be knowledge from my mind. I believe they are rows and rows of bookshelves with subjects waiting to be told only when it is meant to be. If the world needs to think or read or hear about something in particular, my guides will take a book and suddenly my soul will receive the urge to say something about something but meanwhile, I have no clue what needs to be said. That is when my guides will use my soul to transmit what everyone needs to know. It will take me a whole lifetime to achieve this grand mission.

Although this mission has many chapters to fulfill, it is my understanding that I am here to help the people in this world, inspire them, teach them about their souls; giving closure to those in need by being the messenger I was meant to be even before I was born.

Today I can confirm this with certainty although it took me a long time to admit it, I am honored for being the “Chosen One”.

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