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Psychic Medium

Q & A

By doing a virtual session, can you still communicate with the spiritual world? Virtually or in person, is there any difference with the session?

Yes, I can still read you with my psychic ability and I can also communicate with the spiritual world in a virtual session. When I began doing virtual sessions at the beginning of March 2020, I quickly realized that there is no difference whatsoever from a virtual to an in-person session.
Believe me when I say, if I did not think a virtual session was worth it, I would not have offered the session in the first place.


I have never had a reading before, what should I expect?

Do not come into a reading expecting to hear only what you want to hear. If that is the purpose of scheduling a session with me then I suggest not scheduling anything at all as you are not entirely ready for a session with me.
You must be open-minded and open to receive whatever is meant to be received. When people are open, the session is truly epic and one that will be remembered for a long time.


Why do you scribble on paper during a session?

The purpose of my scribbles is to keep my mind busy. While the physical mind is occupied, my soul, which is the source of my abilities will do the rest. It helps me stay relaxed.


The oddest place in which you’ve given a reading?

On an airplane! 
I was flying from Ottawa to Halifax and after exiting the bathroom I felt a strong energy beside one of the flight attendants. She had just finished her rounds so I was compelled to go for it! At 38 thousand feet in the air, I must say it was truly amazing and it made her day. 
When she woke up that morning, she asked her dad's spirit to give her a sign throughout her day, and there he was talking to her through me.

I heard you cannot predict health or predict death, is that true?

I cannot predict health or death, even if I wanted to because my abilities are not allowing me to see those things. Besides, I do not want the pressure on my shoulders since I could be way off, I am human like everyone else. My readings are for spiritual guidance as well as spiritual healing.


What advice do you want to share with others who believe they too have abilities?

Surround yourself with other gifted people and your abilities will flourish, I promise!
If you are married to a non-believer, I suggest you find a close friend or family member that is open, otherwise, your abilities won't develop further.


Can my child assist a session with me?

As long as the parent or legal guardian is present, I am okay with that.
Besides, if you think your child could benefit from this session, there is a great chance your child’s soul is an old one!

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